Letter from Jamie Beaton, UE Local 170 President

Dear Sister/Brother:  

On behalf of your UE Local 170 Statewide Executive Committee, I send you greetings.  I am happy to report that the labor movement is alive and well in West Virginia.  Your statewide officers have worked vigorously over the last 2 years making numerous much needed changes to engage our membership and strengthen our union.

I would cordially like to invite our entire membership to attend our biennial statewide convention on September 26, 2020.  The convention will be held via Zoom and will start at 10:00 am.

Local 170 will be holding our Statewide Election of Officers (2-year terms) and Eastern Region Delegates (2-year terms). Please contact your chapter president or the union hall for more information. Delegates will be voting on the local’s 2021–2022 political action goals.

Please follow our Facebook page @ UE Local 170- West Virginia Public Workers Union or our website @ uelocal170.org for updates.

The only solution, for the present and for our future, is to continue to organize and build our union. Local 170 has proven itself by effectively representing thousands of state workers around the state and giving them a voice.

In solidarity,
Jamie Beaton, President, UE Local 170