All Members Encouraged To Attend:

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 9 a.m.

Schoenbaum Center
1701 Fifth Avenue
Charleston, WV


In 2017, the State Legislature and the State Personnel Board, alarmed by the inability of the Division of Highways to hire and retain workers, ordered the agency to develop and put in place a comprehensive pay plan. More than two years later, we are still waiting.

Earlier this year, a grievance was filed demanding DOH comply with the law. Nearly 400 employees have signed on so far. The agency has repeatedly said that the task is too hard, even as the Governor proclaimed his Roads to Prosperity publicity campaign, promising to fix the neglected thousands of miles of roadways that the public travels every day.

Tired of waiting, these employees have developed a pay plan of their own. The grievance is scheduled for a Level 2 mediation, and Local 170 will be holding a rally to press for the DOH to follow through, and to consider the pay plan developed by the workers.

Empty promises and agency inactivity will not fix our roads and bridges, nor will reliance on highly paid private contractors, often from out of state. We need jobs to be filled and roads to be paved and repaired.

Members are invited to join our brothers and sisters to show support for making West Virginia’s infrastructure safe and reliable. We need fewer potholes and more pay.