Erin Conner to become interim president

Samantha Crockett, UE Local 170’s interim president, is leaving that position but isn’t going anywhere —  she has accepted the job of Field Representative.

Crockett, a member since May 2019, is leaving Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital in Huntington to take the full-time position with UE. She replaces Gary DeLuke, who left at the end of 2020.

She officially begins Monday, March 22, as the chief representative for dozens of grievances. As Bateman is one of the state’s hotspots, she became quickly familiar with the grievance procedure and the many obstacles employees face. As interim president, she also became familiar with the rest of our workplaces, and the problems employees statewide are having these days.

Erin Conner moves from financial secretary to replace Crockett. Also a Bateman employee, she joined the union in September 2019 and is active in representation and other matters.