On Monday, we lost in the Supreme Court, as the justices on a 3-2 vote reversed an injunction against the ban on payroll deductions for our union dues. Those deductions have ended, and our members will not see a deduction on their December 3 paycheck.

Here are news stories on the ruling:

And if you want to read the high court’s ruling, it is here.

While the legal issue over the “Payroll Protection Plan” is technically still alive and returned to Kanawha County Circuit Court, matters have really been settled. If you read the ruling, you’ll see that the high court majority plans to rule against us if the case goes before them again.

Besides, the “horse is out of the barn.” Deductions have been killed, and they aren’t coming back.

Members who are transitioning to other payment methods can use the link on this web site, or contact us by e-mail or by calling (304) 347-4396.