Has your contact info changed?

One of the most difficult tasks we have is keeping our membership records up to date – especially when it comes to contact information.

Would you like to change the e-mail address we are using? Have you moved? Changed your phone number? Do you want to be added to our group text message list?

When you change your contact information, contact us immediately! We mail out new membership cards at the beginning of the new year, and we may need to contact you during the grievance process or other union-related matters. And you just might be reading this via e-mail.

You can change your information through this website, e-mail to info@uelocal170 or call our office at (304) 347-4396. Our office manager, Doug Smock, works most weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and you certainly can leave a voicemail at any hour.

Thanks for your help!