We're looking for UE activists today to become our UE leaders of tomorrow.

You know the score. Bosses and bankers get outrageous paychecks and bonuses while workers and our families fight hard to hold on to what we've won.

This battle will continue well into the future – and, in far too many cases, UE local leaders could use some help today.

We need activists now – and leaders tomorrow. If you're a UE member interested in helping your local leadership and learning how to take on tough battles in the future, we want to talk to you!

Here's what it's all about.

The Young Activist Program aims to bring UE members ages 35 and under to exciting union and movement events. It will provide exposure to UE's proud history of fighting for social justice as well as involvement in UE locals and local communities.

The program will introduce young activists to other UE activists and link everyone together using all the tools social networking has to offer. Visit the national UE website for more information.