West Virginia Labor Rally in Support of Wisconsin and Ohio State Workers

On March 12th, 2011, over a thousand people came out to the state capitol to voice their support for state workers in Wisconsin, Ohio; two states being hit by anti-union legislation.

People featured in this video:

  • Ken Hechler, former WV Congressman and Sec. of State 0:24
  • Tim Burga, President, OH AFL-CIO 1:19
  • Judy Hale, President, AFT-WV 4:46
  • Barbara Spradling, President, AFSCME WV 6:42
  • Brandon Nida, Vice-Chair, Friends of Blair Mountain 7:56
  • John Waltz, Executive Director, Heartland Revolution 10:24
  • Nick Eaton, organized Wisconsin Solidarity Rally 12:09
  • Jesse Johnson, Mountain Party 13:24