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2010 DC Conference

Membership Blitz

West Virginia Labor Rally in Support of Wisconsin and Ohio State Workers

On March 12th, 2011, over a thousand people came out to the state capitol to voice their support for state workers in Wisconsin, Ohio; two states being hit by anti-union legislation.

On Wisconsin Rally

Protesting Privatization

On August 24th, 2010, West Virginia's public workers union UE Local 170 held a rally at the state capitol in protest of the State of West Virginia's decision to open up the State Office of Technology to the possible practice of privatization. Local musician and union supporter Elaine Purkey debuted her public workers song at the event. The union later marched into then-Governor Joe Manchin's office and asked to speak to him about the issue. Manchin's press secretary Melvin Smith spoke with the crowd.

UE Local 170 Takes On PEIA

UE Local 170, one of two unions representing state employees in West Virginia, rallied outside of the Charleston Civic Center Little Theater on November 9, 2009 where the PEIA Finance Board held a public hearing on its decision to raise insurance premiums. At that moment in time state employees hadn't had a pay raise in two years, making a raise in their insurance premium an actual pay-cut.