A Voice to Represent Us

Teachers and state policemen have a strong voice on the job to represent them. We need a strong and active voice, too. With UE Local 170, we will have trained stewards throughout the state to keep us organized and assure fairness at work.

Fair Wages and Wage Increases

We are the lowest paid state workers in the United States. UE Local 170 is committed to changing that and to fight for wage parity for our jobs with workers in neighboring states. UE Local 170 pressured the politicians and won a real wage increase instead of a one-time bonus originally proposed. But, we have a lot more work to do in establishing fair wages for state employees.

Establish Dignity on the Job

West Virginia state employees deliver high quality services and work for our citizens. Our work is often dangerous and difficult. We will be publicizing this work and fighting for fairness for state employees in all work places.

End Privatization

Recent studies have shown that privatization leads to diminished government services and lower wages. UE Local 170 will be actively fighting privatization and protecting our members from layoffs.

Your Local Chapter

You Form a local union chapter which unites employees in your department or area to address common issues.

You Elect local chapter officers and stewards to act as your representatives and to meet and confer with management on issues which concern you.

You Become part of a statewide Union, which plans and coordinates actions to build statewide support for issues affecting West Virginia state employees.

You Get experienced assistance and training from the UE and support from UE members in West Virginia and throughout the country.