New DOH members in Marshall County.

Building on several important victories won during the past year, UE Local 170's internal organizing campaign has added more than 200 new members since June 1. New members have been recruited at DOH garages, state hospitals and nursing homes, DHHR offices, and other state workplaces.

Earlier this year, UE Local 170's executive committee, which is made up of the statewide officers and chapter presidents, adopted a plan for an intensive organizing campaign to build the union. The organizing campaign, which is ongoing, is focusing on building the local's membership at the chapter level. The chapters developed organizing targets in their geographic area, including state hospitals and nursing homes, DHHR offices, DOH garages, and other state workplaces.

The organizing campaign includes petition campaigns, meet and greets and other workplace actions to build the union and advance the local's political action agenda, including better wages and working conditions, ending mandatory overtime and the use of contract employees, and stopping privatization.

In UE, the members build our union. When UE Local 170 was first organized, it was our rank-and-file members who signed up their coworkers. Since that time, it has been our rank-and-file members who have helped build UE Local 170 into the largest, non-teaching, public workers' union in West Virginia. If you would like to participate in the organizing campaign, please contact our local union office at 304-347-4396.