What You Can Do To Help WV State Workers Get A Pay Raise

UE Local 170 is having a rank-and-file members' lobby day on Tuesday, December 11 during the legislature's monthly interim meetings. Members will meet at the Local 170 union hall at 9 a.m. before heading over to the Capitol.

If you can't meet us at 9 a.m., you can join us at anytime through out the day at the Capitol. We will be meeting with legislators to begin lining up support for our legislative goals for the 2013 legislative session.

Our legislative goals for 2013 include a pay raise for WV state workers and retirees; seniority protections for state workers like the teachers have; reform of the WV public employee grievance system; and increased funding for WV OSHA to ensure WV state workers have safe working conditions. For more info contact Chris Wolford, UE Local 170 vice-president, at (304) 629-9248 (c).

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