UE Local 170 is proud of many notable accomplishments, including these recent situations.

Grievance Victories

Rehiring and back pay for workers unjustly fired, inaccurate evaluations corrected, unjust suspensions removed, planned disciplinary actions reversed, pay adjustments won, and more.
WV Department of Environmental Protection vs Michelle Falquero (View Circuit Court and Supreme Court decisions)

Pay Increases

Pay increases won through collective action at the legislature and through reclassification grievance settlements. UE Local 170 members also meet with their legislators to discuss the need for improved pay for public workers.

Job Security

Job security gains made by mobilizing to defeat the unpaid furlough bill and fighting for improved staffing at the state hospitals and other state agencies. Defeated attempted privatization of state information technology services, saving hundreds of West Virginia state workers' jobs in 2010.

Safer Workplaces

Our union was successful in getting the legislature to approve a study of a failing WV OSHA. The union also mobilizes members and other state workers to confront management over unsafe or unhealthy workplaces or conditions.

Voicing Employee Concerns

Union representatives meet with department heads and supervisors to voice employee concerns and press for improvements.

Improving Conditions

From exposing abusive treatment by supervisors to stopping harassment and favoritism on the job, UE Local 170 is constantly fighting for improved working conditions for state workers.

Fighting for Fairness

Because of the union, state workers don’t have to go alone to disciplinary or grievance hearings. You have a right to union representation.

Improved Grievance System

Our union played an important role in getting improvements made to the state grievance system. Union representatives also testified before a legislative committee to advocate for more improvements, including moving the grievance board out from under the executive branch to the judicial branch.

Training Stewards and Leaders

Over one hundred members from different state agencies across West Virginia have taken steward and leadership training classes on representing members, filing grievances and building union power in the workplace.

Legislative Victories

Defeat of a bill to exempt classification changes from being grieved. Legislative study of WV OSHA approved.

Expansion of Worker Rights and Protections

After DHHR denied state hospital employees their First Amendment rights, our union successfully fought to end the prohibition of workplace meetings and literature distribution at the state hospitals. The union also won an important victory expanding workers’ right to representation.