West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH) employees, members of UE Local 170 delivered petitions with more than one thousand signatures of DOH employees asking for a “Fair Wage Structure” to Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Paul A. Mattox, Jr. on Friday, August 9.

UE Local 170 members meet with DOH officials to deliver a petition asking for Fair Wage Structure.  

UE Local 170 members, who work for the WV DOH, collected the signatures from DOH employees in all ten DOH districts around the state. The petition asks the DOH to “develop a wage structure, like the WV Parkways, with step wage increases based on years of service to address the wage disparities in our current wage structure in which most DOH employees are at the bottom of their pay grade and never move up in the pay grade of their classification.”

In addition to Secretary Mattox, Harry Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner of Highways, and John McBrayer, DOH Human Resources Manager, attended the meeting. Secretary Mattox told the DOH employees that the Division of Highways "is currently working on a plan similar to that of the Parkways Authority.”The DOH employees asked that the union be kept updated on the progress of any new DOH wage structure.

The DOH employees' action received great media coverage some of which you can read here and here.

Last year, UE Local 170 made a presentation to the West Virginia Legislature’s Joint Committee on Government and Finance which showed most DOH employees at the bottom of their pay grade for their classification, resulting in a high turnover of DOH employees around the state. UE Local 170 based its presentation on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the WV DOH with the hourly wage, seniority date and job classification information for all the DOH employees in all ten districts.

According to recent media reports, the WV DOH has about 600 unfilled vacancies around the state and cannot fill the vacant positions due to low pay.