When the management at the VA Nursing Facility in Clarksburg decided to change the hours of work on their Alzheimer's/Dementia unit, which would hurt the continuity of care for the residents, the employees, many of whom are members of UE Local 170, decided they were going to take collective action to try and stop the schedule change.

Rather than waiting for their hours to change and then file grievances, the employees drafted a letter/petition to the facility's management, pointing out how the new hours would affect the residents' care. All of the employees on the unit signed the petition.

On Tuesday, April 29, a delegation of ten of the employees met with the management to deliver the petition and to press their case to keep their regular hours. After hearing their concerns, management reversed its decision and will maintain the employees' regular hours - proving once again, there is power in a members-run, rank-and-file union. Who are we? UE!!!