Tired of waiting for the WV Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) to act on caseload standard recommendations developed nearly one year ago, UE Local 170 DHHR members launched a campaign in May with the slogan: "We can't meet you expectations, if you don't implement our standards."

As part of their campaign, UE Local 170 members are circulating petitions to DHHR Secretary Karen Bowling, demanding that she implement the caseload standard recommendations. You can download a petition here, a caseload standards campaign flier here and a legal size (8-1/2 x 14) campaign poster here.

In 2012, UE Local 170 reached a historic agreement with the DHHR for the agency to finally comply with West Virginia Code 9-2-6a, regarding the development of reasonable and achievable caseload standards for its program areas.  Over the next year, UE Local 170, the West Virginia Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and DHHR put together workgroups - made up of DHHR employees - to develop caseload standards for five program areas: Social Workers, Case Aides, Eligibility Workers, Child Support Specialists, and Child Support Technicians.

In June 2013, the workgroups completed their work and delivered their final recommendations to DHHR Secretary Bowling. The workgroups' recommendations will greatly reduce the caseloads of DHHR employees - in some cases by fifty percent or more. You can download a copy of the final caseload standard recommendations here.

UE Local 170 members will be collecting signatures on the petitions over the next month with the goal of delivering the petitions to Secretary Bowling in July. UE members will also be meeting with WV Legislators, especially members of the Legislative Oversight Commission for Health and Human Resources Accountability (LOCHHRA), to get their support for the campaign.