Despite confronting a West Virginia public employees grievance system that is heavily stacked in favor of the agencies, UE Local 170 won a number of important grievance decisions during the last couple of months.

Here are some of the recent grievance decisions:

Roe v. Lakin:
Respondent failed to prove violations of policies
/Dismissal overturned.
Ratcliff v DEP Respondent failed to follow DOP’s evaluation policy and
procedures./Improper EPA’s ruled invalid
Knight v. BCF Grievant’s dismissal was without good cause
/Grievant proved retaliation by agency
Combs v Bateman Suspension overturned by Respondent’s failure
to prove violation of policies
Koblinsky v Putnam County  Health Department Grievance decision proving retaliation and wrongful termination upheld in Circuit Court & county declines
to further appeal
Perkins v. Sharpe Hospital Agency coerced resignation by deception/
Grievant’s job restored
Seagraves v. Child Protective Services Employee did not voluntarily resign/
Grievant’s job restored

You can read all of the grievance decisions here.